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what happened next has not been released. a doctor has been shot. where, and how severe the injury, and his identification has not been released. the hospital is in the process of evacuate non-essential personnel. when we have more, we will keep you posted. we do have a better deal of what is going on from captain roy. let's toss it upstairs. >> the city police just cordoned off a large area. there are a lot of the torch around a hospital. you are going to have to be patient as they deal with this emergency. we do not want to show you exactly where the officers are located that are dealing with the situation in the hospital,
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but we can tell you that city police have shot down monument near broadway and some other side streets. anyone trying to go from the east side, to the west side, they will be de toward. -- they will be a detoured. >> thank you, capt. retailer. mindy basara is in the newsroom. police have confirmed a doctor has been shot. the hospital has been evacuated. it is a fluid situation. what more are you learning? >> we are just hearing that the dog -- that the shooter has been subdued. there is no word on the condition of the doctor. in case you have never been to johns hopkins, it is on the east side of town. there are 40 buildings of the campus. it comprises 44 acres.
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there are about 1000 beds in the hospital. there are more than 50,000 doctors and nurses that work there. the doctor that has been shot we do not have an update. the sugar has been subdued. we will have an update as and -- the shooter has been subdued. will have an update as soon as we get information. >> we want to take a phone call from jennifer williams. she is a patient from the hospital. unfortunately, we lost her a minute ago. we are hearing she is pregnant and was at the hospital for an exam. hopefully, we can get back to her. we were hearing she was reportedly very scared. she was told she could not leave the building, that the gunman was in the building. she was just there for a prenatal exam. you can imagine what was going
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through her mind. she heard that a patient's son shot a doctor. that is what she was hearing. right now, we're continuing to gather information as we take a live view of the ambulance at the scene. right now, all we want to go back out to capt. roy. >> city police are working to resolve the situation. traffic is being teach youre -- detoured. they have asked for assistance. one of the deep forest is on broadway. -- de tours is on broadway. anyone tried to go to the hospital at the present time, you need to rethink that. city police are asking to stay clear until the situation is
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resolved. we will update you and we get more for mission. >> capt. right, if you would not mind staying with us, you are learning things. update us on the closures in that area. we know traffic is being detoured. what else can you tell us? >> it is that monument and broadway. they're trying to make everyone go northbound on broadway. once they get two or three blocks from the hospital, they are allowed to continue eastbound. they have blocked off the area around the hospital while they deal with this emergency situation. we will take it down to david collins. he might have a little more and tell -- intel on what is going
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on. >> go ahead, david. >> the hospital is in a lot down situation. they have released a statement. they are encouraging faculty, patience, visitors, all staff to remain in their rooms. we have confirmed that a doctor has been shot. the suspect is held up on the eighth floor. they have evacuated non- essential personnel. they're asking everyone who was in the hospital to remain in their rooms. city police have cordoned off an entire city block around the building. the people that are outside of the building walking around are puzzled, and relatively excited about the police presence. it is very calm as people go
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about their business. the city is responding with a swat team. we saw several members hop out and go into the building. dozens of officers are engaged in traffic and crowd control. it is our understanding that there are a lot of police officers inside of the hospital building. whether or not they have figured out where the gunman is holed up remains to be seen. the last word from police is that they believe the gunman is on the eighth floor. this happened after the 11:00 a.m. hour. the initial reports were that come and had been in a hospital room with his mother. we now have some shots from a bald. baltimore city police have not released information after the initial report that a man had been in his mother's hospital room, but they are saying that the doctor has been shot. we do not know how severe the injury, where the injury was, or
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the identity of the doctor. we have a serious, major situation under way at johns hopkins hospital, following what we are told is the shooting of a doctor. the person responsible, police believe, is holed up on the eighth floor of the main building. >> david counts is joining us live. he will continue to collect information. while we await word on the condition of the doctor that was shot, we want to go to mindy basara, who was telling us that -- that the shooter was subdued. >> that is right. we haven't told the shooter was subdued and contained. -- we have then told the shooter has been subdued and contained. we do not have any identification at this point. we do not know that the petition of the doctor or his condition. the situation does seem to be
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under control as the shooter is subdued than contained. this mentioned on the floor of the main building. it is our understanding that that forced the remains locked down. -- that floor remains locked down. the shooter is null subdued and contained. the danger seems to be passed. it is very good news for the patients there -- a very large facility. more than 1000 beds, all lot of people, very busy. there are a lot of security guards there. i have never seen a metal detector, but i would say it is a fairly secure facility as hospitals gulf. >> will go now to capt. right again. he has been keeping an eye on the situation from above. they blocked off a one block
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radius. i am sure you are hearing a lot of chatter. what more can you tell us? >> we are here in a lot, but the problem is if i tell you all what i hear, it is a good possibility the suspect is able to pick up on the information i am getting out over a live broadcast. i hear a lot of things, but i cannot divulge that at this time because it would put the officers in a compromising situation. we will not do that from the helicopter. i know everyone wants to know what is going on. all i can tell you is that the city police are doing the best they can. they have tried to keep everyone as safe as possible. they're asking everyone to stay in their rooms. if you are trying to get to the hospital, do not do that at this time. >> thank you. you make a good point.
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obviously, they want to keep people safe. you can see how happy the police presence is. we want to go back to mindy basara. anything more for us? >> we are waiting to get information just as everyone else's. it is a taiex situation. we are getting it for maybe it is a chaotic situation. we are getting it in bits and pieces. the last we heard was that the shooter was subdued. the captain might know more than us. we are told the sugar is subdued and contained. the eighth -- the shooter is subdued and contained. the folks on the floor are asked to remain in their rooms. if they want to keep everyone as safe as possible. this is a fluid situation. that is what we know right now. no information on the condition of the doctor. >> thank you very much. we want to go to an employment
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-- to an employee that has called them. his name is willie myers. can you hear us? >> yes. >> tell us what you do, and what you are seeing occurred >> i work in the department of neurology. we are signed up with text messages in case of emergencies. we received a tax there was a shooting. we did not know where or who was shot. then, we gotta location. baltimore started are rising. right now, we are outside of the main hospital. there is fire department everywhere. we had heard the doctor was shot. we do not know in what area he was shot. we do not know how severe he was shot.
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>> ok. you told us you work for the department of urology. you received a text message about a shooting, but that is all you learned. what are they doing outside the hospital, with the patients that can not leave the hospital and need to remain there? >> as far as i know, each unit is locked down. they have security outside of each unit to make sure no one gets in and out and tell that i apprehend this person. >> we are hearing that the shooter was subdued according to mindy basara. he is contained at this time. we do not know anything more about the condition of the doctor that was shot. is there anything more you could shed on the situation? >> as far as i know, it is
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chaotic. people started running in leaving. police is everywhere. we were just trying to get out. >> we really appreciate you calling in. we hope you remained safe. thank you for checking in. >> thank you. >> we hope we can have a good resolution to tell you about the situation. we are still awaiting word to find out the severity of his condition and the identity of the doctor. right now, we will take a short break, and will continue to follow the situation, which
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swados come back. we are following breaking his at johns hopkins hospital. police have confirmed that a doctor has been shot inside of the hospital. right now, we have no word on the condition of the hospital. we are being told the shooter was subdued and is on the eighth floor. the eighth floor is completely shut down. folks have been told to stay
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where they are if they have not been evacuated. david collins joins us from the same. >> we heard from an employee who did not want to be identified. he said this unfolded in a drastic department, and intermediate care unit is how he distraught -- described it. the hospital responded by locking down the facility, asking everyone remain in their room. it is good news that the suspect has been subdued. this unfolded around the 11:00 hour. initial reports said a man was visiting with his mother, perhaps in the department. police have not been released details. a doctor was shot. we do not know how seriously wounded and we do not have his i
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get -- we do not have the doctor's identity. the swat team has responded. there are dozens of officers in the building. the suspect has been subdued. if that is generally the case, this should be over sooner than later. when we hear more, we will pass it on. david collins, reporting live from east baltimore. >> thank you. i believe we are going to go to mindy basara who is getting in confirmation. >> brand new information. a spokesperson says they cannot confirm the sugar has been subdued. they had believed the shooter had been subdued. the situation is very fluid, and right now, they are saying they can not confirm the shooter has been subdued. it continues to change.
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let me give you more background on johns hopkins. it opened in 1889. 40 buildings on 44 acres. it is a very large facility. it is a world-renown. it is routinely raided the best hospital in the world. more than 15,000 doctors and nurses practice at that facility. it is a huge part of baltimore's identity. there is a lot of chaos. we will continue to bring you the newest information as soon as we get it. >> right now, we want to go back to the phones. jennifer williams, a patient has called in. jennifer, are you with us? >> yes, ma'am. >> please tell us more about what you saw. >> i am on the second floor where the maternal film nelson
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is. i was having a sonogram. when i was getting ready to leave, they told me the hospital was under lockdown. i and stand there is a man and -- i understand there is some than on the sixth floor who has apparently shot one of the doctors. from what i understand, the gentleman is subdued, but there is some chaos of a couple of the other floors. they're trying to get to the bottom of the matter. >> i cannot mention what must be going through your mind -- imagine what has been going through your mind. >> i was very scared. they brought us into this consultation room. i have had a couple of other ladies joined me. my mom is with me. all of the employees have been told to close the door in their office. if there is engaged in front of the reception desk, it has been
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closed -- a gate in front of the reception desk, it has the close. >> have you been able to speak to family members? >> i have spoken to my husband. he is working in annapolis. my daughter is in school. my husband is scared to death. >> i am sure, being pregnant, you need to do your best to stay calm. thank you for calling in. we hope you remain safe. thank you for your information. >> you are welcome. thank you so much. >> good luck. we want to go back up to capt. roy. what you guys are saying, and what i'm hearing is not quite jiving. the floor that they were concerned about is contained.
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they are in contact with people that are on that floor, as far as other patients. they are dealing with making sure they are secure or evaluated at the present time. this is still, and i cannot emphasize enough, it is an ongoing tactical situation while city police deal with what they have to deal with. there's tactical unit is working the best they can to bring this to a quick and safe pending. this is still not over by far. the city police helicopter is circling the area. s or --e doing evacuation' >> it sounds like a lost capt. roy. we are looking at a live
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picture. what we want to tell you before we go to break is that johns hopkins is retracting what they said, and cannot confirm that the suspect was subdued .
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suave come back. we continue to follow a shooting at johns hopkins hospital. we are hearing a doctor was shot. police have confirmed that much for us. we originally heard the suspect was subdued. now, the hospital is that confirming that. we have word the eighth floor has been cordoned off where the suspect apparently is. will continue to follow this. we have james miller joining us on the phone. -- jayne miller on the phone. an asher free have her yet. in the meantime, we will go to
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mindy basara. >> we want to emphasize the situation is not over. originally, we had a report the sugar had been subdued. the eighth floor has been contained. they cannot confirm the shooter has been subdued. that is all they are able to tell us. the situation is far from over. it is an incredible scene down there in east baltimore. it is a huge area. 40 buildings on 44 acres. it is extremely busy. people from across the world come for treatment. it is world renown. a lot of people are frightened. we heard from a woman earlier who was pregnant, and getting a screening done. she was told a shooter is in the building. i am sure she is scared to death. we will continue to keep you
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updated. we are told the situation is not over. they cannot confirm the sugar is subdued, and there is no word on the condition of that doctor. >> the shooter is subdued, and there is no word on the condition of the doctor. >> it is if so it's a situation. we want to joined chain bridge is a fluid situation. we want to join jayne miller -- it is a fluid situation. we want to join jayne miller. we lost her. we will get her back. this is a fluid situation. pauli's have confirmed a doctor has been shot. that happened about one hour ago. we want to go to david collins. >> i have been working the crowd. most of the employees has been networking with each other. this is according to employees, unconfirmed by police, the
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doctor who has been shot is he in surgery. he is in surgery at this hour. according to and plays, this initially happened -- to employees, this initially happened when a young man went to visit his mother. according to employees, the suspect did not like the way the staff was treating his mother. police have not confirm that. gunfire rang out. a doctor was shot. according to employees, the doctor is in surgery. johns hopkins remains in a locked down the situation. earlier, they issued a statement that all faculty, staff, visitors and patients remain in their room. a swat team is here. they have cordoned off an entire block. we have not independently
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confirmed whether or not the suspect has been subdued. we are waiting for word. we're not sure how soon that might come. >> thank you, david collins, if joining us live as he gathers information. we spoke to an employee there. he told us that they did received a text message from hospital officials about the shooting. they also received the location of the shooting. they were made aware of those details, nothing more than that. they were told to evacuate. that is what they did. we know that one block radius has been cordoned off. we take live pictures. this is a flip situation. we do not reach a fluid situation. we do not have a conclusion. we do not have a conclusion.

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